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Virat Kohli is referred to as the ‘only active player from the 2011 World Cup of Cricket squad’ by the presenter


At a post-match interview, an announcer recently referred to one of India’s best batsmen, Virat Kohli, as the “purely present batsman among the 2011 Cricket World Cup squad”. As soon as the commentator mentioned that Ravichandran Ashwin was also a part of that historic team, Kohli corrected him.

This incident highlights the fact that Ashwin and Kohli are the only players from the 2011 Cricket World Cup squad who are still representing their nation. This is a tremendous feat, especially in light of the Indian team’s rapid turnover over the previous ten years.

India’s success has been largely attributed to Kohli and Ashwin since the 2011 World Cup. Both players have been successful captains for their nation, despite the fact that Ashwin has collected more than 400 wickets in each of the versions and Kohli has amassed over 12,000 runs in ODIs and over 8,000 runs in Tests.

Ashwin and Kohli’s inclusion in the Indian squad is a bonus. They are two of the world’s most gifted athletes, and they have a wealth of expertise to share with their younger teammates. Moreover, Ashwin and Kohli are two of the most popular cricket players in the world, bringing millions of fans to the game.

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