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Ahead of the Ashes series, Ben Stokes has started planning to play a big game against Australia.


The England cricket team is set to face off against the Australian cricket team in the first Test of the Ashes series on June 16 at Edgbaston in Birmingham, England. The Ashes is a periodic Test cricket series played between England and Australia, with each team hosting an alternate series.

The Ashes are one of the oldest and most prestigious cricket competitions in the world, dating back to 1882. The series consists of five test matches, with the winner being the team that wins the most matches.

England vs. Australia rivalry is steeped in history and tradition, with both teams having a strong competitive edge against each other. The Ashes series is always eagerly anticipated by cricket fans worldwide and is sure to be a thrilling contest between two of the world’s best cricketing nations.

According to the latest news from England, the smartest player, Ben Stokes, has raised some points to improve their game against Australia in the Ashes Series. Ben Stokes wants that their players have quick readability on their game in bringing down fast wickets as well as creating huge runs for their team. I must say that I want quick results from my team on the basis of making huge runs in limited overs, and they should also be quicker in taking good wickets for their team before the opponents’ teams do so, says Ben Stokes on Sky Sports.

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