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Ravi Shastri spoke about Prithvi Shaw’s impactful performance in the last match of IPL 2023.


IPL 2023: The game that Mumbai Indians played in the 16th match against Delhi Capitals was outstanding, as the captain of the Mumbai team hit a half-century to create a good run victory in the match that happened against Delhi Capitals. While the Delhi Capitals players have not given performances as per the competition level, due to that reason, they stay at the bottom of the standings.

According to the latest news, Delhi Capitals’ most consistent player, Prithvi Shaw, has disappointed not only his teams but also the 60-year-old former Indian cricketer, Ravi Shastri. Ravi Shastri says that Prithvi Shaw has more ability to play a huge game for his team, and he also makes efforts, but his teams haven’t gotten results from his work.

Ravi Shastri, the head coach of the Indian cricket team, recently made a comment about Prithvi Shaw’s approach to the game. Shastri stated that Shaw, who is a young and talented batsman, cannot afford to adopt a casual attitude towards the game and simply go to bat and then put his feet up in the dressing room. According to Shastri, this kind of approach is not suitable for a player of Shaw’s age and potential.

Shastri’s comment can be seen as a call for Shaw to work harder and be more committed to the game. As the strongest player, Shaw has a lot of potential and talent, but he will need to put in the effort and discipline required to achieve success at the highest level. Shastri’s comments are a reminder that cricket is a demanding and competitive sport, and that even the most talented players need to work hard to stay at the top of their game.

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