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MS Dhoni is known to be a great finisher in the IPL 2023.


MS Dhoni is considered to be one of the best finishers in the history of the Indian Premier League (IPL). He has led the Chennai Super Kings to win four IPL titles and is known for his calm and good behaviour under pressure.

Dhoni’s ability to read the game situation and play according to the demands of the situation is what makes him such an effective finisher. He has a range of shots that he can execute depending on the field placement and the type of bowler he is facing.

Dhoni’s finishing skills were on full display in the final of the 2019 IPL, where he guided the Chennai Super Kings to within a touching distance of victory with a well-crafted inning of 50 off 32 balls. Although CSK ultimately fell short, Dhoni’s ability to remain calm under pressure and take the game deep was lauded by cricket experts and fans alike.

Dhoni’s record as a finisher in the IPL is exemplary. He has scored 4,829 runs in 208 matches at an average of 40.16 with a strike rate of 136.75. He played an unbeaten knock to create 23 half-centuries and 216 sixes in his IPL career.

Overall, MS Dhoni’s success as a finisher in the IPL can be attributed to his experience, his ability to read the game situation, and his cool and perform well under pressure. Apart from this, Dhoni has chased a new record as a captain, having led CSK in a 200-run IPL match.

Apart from this, CSK is looking forward to creating good spots in the ongoing tournament. However, Dhoni must have needed his team’s support to reach the top position in the IPL in 2023.

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