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King Kohli felt happy after a surprise meeting with Ricky Pointing’s son, Fletcher Pointing, in IPL 2023.


The dedicated cricketer of the Royal Challengers Bangalore [RCB], Virat Kohli, is giving a remarkable performance after returning to his original game. However, the star player of India, Virat Kohli, is doing well in this season of the Indian Premier League.

Virat Kohli has struggled for more than four years to get perfection in his game after leaving the captaincy of the Indian cricket team as well as the Royal Challengers Bangalore team. Virat Kohli always felt excited to play in the Indian Premier League. But under King Kohli, RCB has not won the IPL title. However, fans are desperately waiting for the day when RCB will hold the trophy for the Indian Premier League.

According to the latest report from the RCB, Virat Kohli met with Ricky Pointing’s son, William Pointing. However, William Pointing was blushing after suddenly seeing the star batter, Virat Kohli. Later on, the Delhi Capitals posted the photographs of Virat Kohli with Ricky Ponting and his son via social media with the caption, “When Ricky Met Virat Kohli.”

Ricky Ponting is the head coach of the Delhi Capitals teams, and currently, the Delhi Capitals are at the bottom of the table in the Indian Premier League 2023 with zero points. However, the team is looking forward to finding a way to improve their game to stay in the competition. The next competition of the Delhi Capitals will be on April 15 against Royal Challengers Bangalore.

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