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Which team did Ravi Shastri choose to coach in the IPL, CSK, or Mumbai Indians?


The two Indian players, MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma have made remarkable contributions to the Indian cricket team, and that’s why they are famous. However, the Indian cricket team is always in demand for such brilliant performers to raise their teams up in the competition.

Both the Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians captains had taken their teams beyond the competition level, so they both won most of the titles of the Indian Premier League. However, both teams are hoping to play an accurate game in the current season to win the title of IPL 2023.

The fan followings of the Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians are also very high. According to the latest news report of IPL 2023, the fans of both CSK and the Mumbai Indians team have raised questions for Ravi Shastri: if he got the chance, which team would he choose to coach, CSK or the Indians in the future?

Ravi Shastri answered that the best offer he will choose is based on the teams. I know I watched both teams’ games from the beginning of the IPL, and these two teams have given outstanding performances in each of the competitions. However, I would definitely love to work under anyone of these teams, says Ravi Shastri on Star Sports.

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