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IPL 2023: The super-talented cricketer MS Dhoni’s fan post goes viral during the CSK vs. RCB match.


MS Dhoni is a highly popular and respected cricketer, and many fans admire him for his leadership skills, calm demeanour, and outstanding performances on the field. However, it’s with love, respect, and appreciation that one fan thinks of his favourite cricketer.

During the last over of the IPL match, when MS Dhoni came to bat against the RCB team, a fan of Dhoni had the poster in his hand, on which it read, I sold my bike just to get a way to watch his live performance from Goa. However, Dhoni deserves such respect from the crowd, as he has served his half-life to cricket and still has such dedication to play more cricket with the same spirit at the age of 41.

The leadership of Dhoni and the brilliant performance of the Yellow Team have raised them in the competition. However, CSK is now spotted at number three with six points in the IPL 2023 table. And this implies that CSK is back in its original format to win the title this year under Mahi. However, fans didn’t find that after Dhoni that anyone will be in the team to lead CSK as similarly as Dhoni in the Indian Premier League in future terms. And that’s the reason fans are chanting that CSK could win the title this year at any cost.

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