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Sunil Gavaskar made a choice to play under CSK at one time in IPL though Mumbai Indians is his favourite team.


The former Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar about his preferences for the Indian Premier League (IPL) team he would like to play for Chennai Super Kings with an iconic cricketer, MS Dhoni. Sunil Gavaskar has not played in the IPL as he retired from cricket long before the IPL was established. However, as a cricket commentator and analyst, he has shared his views on the tournament and the teams.

In the statement, Sunil Gavaskar reportedly picked Mumbai Indians as his
first choice of the team in the IPL but also expressed that he would have liked
to play for Chennai Super Kings (CSK). However, his first choice is Mumbai

Indians, the team of Sachin Tendulkar in the IPL. It’s not uncommon for cricket pundits and fans to express their preferences for certain teams or players, and Sunil Gavaskar is no exception. As one of India’s greatest cricketers and a respected voice in the cricketing world, his opinions are often sought after and valued.

If I got a chance to play in the Indian Premier League at once, then I would have performed for the CSK’s teams because of Mahendra Singh Dhoni. I really admire his love for cricket and also his decision-making quality, the way he plays cricket for IPL that implies his passion, his hard work, and dedication toward his team, says Sunil Gavaskar on Star Sports. While Mumbai Indians are my favourite team, it would be my second choice to play under them in IPL, quoted by Gavaskar.

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