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Harbhajan recalls the past phase when Sachin Tendulkar lost his temper and became angry with him in the international league.


In the newly published book ‘Sachin @ 50’, Harbhajan wrote about an incident that happened in an international league when Sachin Tendulkar got angry with him. In Harbhajan Singh’s case, he has spoken about being distracted by a few pretty girls during his first trip to Australia as a 20-year-old.

While it’s important for athletes to remain focused on the game, it’s also understandable that they may be susceptible to distractions from time to time. The key is to find a balance between enjoying the experience of playing in different environments and remaining fully focused on the task at hand.

It’s worth noting that Harbhajan Singh went on to have a successful career as a cricketer, becoming one of India’s most celebrated spin bowlers. So, while distractions can sometimes be a challenge, they don’t have to define a player’s career.

I truly remembered that phase when we were playing a match against Australia in the past. I was standing at the boundary line, and due to inactive fielding, the opposite side got good runs, and I don’t know that Sachin bhai was shouting at me, and he just came next to me and warned me that you only saw my good side and have no idea what I will do with you after I get rude. Hopefully, you don’t need to see my bad side, so better concentrate on your own game. The incident shared by Harbhajan Singh

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