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IPL 2023: Jofra Archer is really concerned about his position in the International Cricket League.


Jofra Archer is a talented cricketer who has been making waves in the international cricket circuit. He has been a fabulous player for the Rajasthan Royals in the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the England cricket team. And currently in the team of the Mumbai Indians in IPL 2023.

Jofra Archer has shared that he is currently in action to play accurately in the IPL 2023, and it would be helpful for him to make a decent entry in the Ashes 2023. However, it depends on his health and fitness to perform in the International League. However, he is fully concerned regarding his fitness to play further games of the IPL 2023 without any injury.

Archer also emphasised the importance of Practising with intensity and purpose. He believes that it is essential to replicate match situations in the nets and put oneself under pressure to perform.

In terms of physical training, Archer focuses on maintaining his fitness and strength through regular gym sessions and conditioning drills. He also pays attention to his diet and nutrition to ensure that he is in peak physical condition.

Overall, Archer’s approach is to keep his health well to perform well in the Ashes in 2023. I truly keep maintaining my health and am worried about not facing any injuries, which can’t affect my international cricket future. However, I have lost so many opportunities in the past and present due to injury and so on, it is required to keep balancing between my health and game, says Jofra Archer at ESPNcricinfo.

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