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Harvey Barnes joins Newcastle United in the English Premier League in 2023


Harvey Barnes from Leicester has been signed by NewCastle United for the English Premier League in 2023. On Sunday, it was reported that the settlement between Harvey Barnes and New Castle made around 38 million pounds, i.e., 48 million dollars.

According to the Latest Football News, Saint-Maximin was left out of the Newcastle United team as he recently went to the United Nations for the Premier League Summer Tour. On the day of his joining the Newcastle team, Harvey shared that it was his greatest opportunity to play for the most successful team.

The possibilities say that Barnes will soon appear in the Champions League in the upcoming years. Once, Newcastle finished in the top four in the Premier League’s last format. Harvey Barnes is an England proficient footballer, who playing style is forward or winger.

His breakthrough came during the 2018–2019 season, when he returned to Leicester City, his parent club, after a successful loan spell at West Brom. He was overwhelmed by his presentations for Leicester City, who became a regular member of the team.

In the Premier League, Harvey Barnes showcased his potential as an attacking threat, contributing with goals and assists. His performances earned him recognition and praise from fans and football pundits alike.

When it comes to sports, Newcastle is always possessive, and football is a big part of its culture. However, they reached their first domestic final in 1999. The English Premier League 2023 is going to be held on August 12 in England.

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