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Kapil Dev reacts to the Omission of the Indian Cricketers ahead of the ICC World Cup


Kapil Dev is the leader of India, which won the ICC World Cup in 1983. When we talk about the revolution in Cricket, the 1983 World Cup always remains in our memory. It lifts our mindsets and makes us believe that the national team can win the International tournament in any situation.

Kapil Dev was the first Indian Cricketer who increased our faith that the entire Indian team could play the powerful game in the Victorious League. He was the first Indian batsman and skipper to help India win the 1983 ICC World Cup. After him, MS Dhoni was the second-brightest performer, as under his leadership, India dominated a couple of ICC events.

During the 1983 World Cup, Kapil sir played an outstanding game to create a huge amount of scoring while leading India. He made 175 runs on his own to get into the final of the ICC events. However, he brought down the New Revolution Act during that ICC tournament.

He played such a dynamic role and kept a balance between Batsmanship and Captaincy in the World Cup. However, MS Dhoni was the next commendable cricketer, under whom India won three ICC Trophies ten years ago.

You can’t depend upon one Kapil Dev, as you are playing together and must be able to do equal efforts to seal a victory in the Cricket competition, says the ex-India Cricketer Kapil Dev in an Interview. His concern about India’s performance in this year’s ODI tour that Why can’t India win the ICC? Why India couldn’t find such a brilliant bowler that can lead as well as perform for the country, added by Kapil Sir

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