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After a contentious dismissal in a club match, an ex-CSK batter lashes out at the umpire and fielder


Baba Aparajith, a former India Under-19 World Cup winner, found himself in an awkward predicament during a Tamil Nadu Cricket Association Division 1 match between Jolly Rovers CC and Young Stars Cricket Club.

Aparajith was batting on 34 off 62 deliveries when he was declared LBW, prompting the batter to engage in a violent argument with the on-field umpire and one of the opposition players. He was first hesitant to leave the pitch, and he argued with the umpire and other players about it, but he eventually decided to leave.

The event occurred on the second ball of Rovers’ 18th over. Aparajith attempted to defend Hari N’s delivery, but the ball smacked his pads and fell to the man at short leg. The opposing players promptly filed an appeal, and the umpire raised his finger as well. However, Aparajith was enraged and clashed with the umpire for approximately five minutes, causing the game to be called off.

The game was eventually resumed after Aparajith lost motivation and walked off the field. Aparajith, a 250-match veteran, has approximately 10,000 runs on the home circuit. The 29-year-old never appeared in an IPL game but was a member of two IPL clubs, Chennai Super Kings and Rising Pune Super Giants.

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