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Neeraj Chopra summarises Pakistan vs India’s javelin throw final thrill


The dynamic sportsman of India, Neeraj Chopra, has finished his achievements in his sporting career. He was a World Athletic Championship gold medalist who escaped. And on Sunday, the 25-year-old reached milestones in sports.

The field athlete, Neeraj Chopra, scored on top in the men’s javelin on Sunday. The young talent has put the top score to raise his country’s name [India] on top. However, Pakistani performer Arshad Nadeem was the second player to complete the second-highest in the sport.

After winning the tournament, India’s winner, Neeraj Chopra, opened up, saying that the men’s javelin throw final was apparent. The fight between India and Pakistan will be a big clash on home soil. India is looking forward to being labelled the champion in the biggest tournament.

The champion, Neeraj, appeared to have won with a throw of 88.17 metres in the finals. His competitor finished with a throw of 87.82 metres in the last match of the World Athletics Championship 2023.

I use my mobile phone rarely, and watching the India versus Pakistan competition is such an exciting thing for all of us. But the European Athletics have changed our minds and produced the biggest throw in the competition ahead. Not only Arshad, but Jakub and Julian Webber had thrown very decently, thinking that it was the last tournament, says Chopra after an event.

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