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The match between India and Pakistan is more important than the Ashes, according to Tom Moody


It always received an exciting story, as both teams are outstanding cricket countries. And when you look at the Pakistani side, they manually became stronger, as they had talented players at one time, says Tom Moody.

As per the rising excitement towards the game, there is a genuinely expected cricket clatter between India and Pakistan at the Asian Cricket Cup 2023, according to prominent cricketer Tom Moody. He provided insight into the dynamics underlying India’s preparations as well as the potential hurdles they may face.

Moody highlighted the India vs. Pakistan main clash while comparing it to the esteemed Ashes Series 2023. And also analyse the strengths and deliberations of both sides as they gear up for this impetus showcase.

I casually think and believe my word that the upcoming match will surely surpass the Ashes 2023. It has always captured its story. And these two are outstanding cricketing nations. And when you take a look at the Pakistan squad, there is plenty of quality. “What distinguishes it for me is that it also boasts experience,” Moody said to Star Sports.

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