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Atmosphere Determining and Pitch Report at R Premadasa Arena in Colombo for the Asia Cup 2023 match between Pakistan and Sri Lanka


Pakistan and Sri Lanka are going to connect with one another in the simulated semi-final match, as the victor of this match will be adequately skilled to reach and take part in the Asia Cup 2023. Notwithstanding the washout of the semi-final match, the opposition could have to take off.

The best ODI champions, Pakistan, are by and by realised to be the most grounded contenders after experiencing a mortifying loss in the last match against India. In any case, the astounding loss against Sri Lanka likewise felt amazing for the Indians to get put in the finals of the competition. Consequently, both the semi finalists will make a point to seal a triumph in the momentum rivalry, as they could get into the finals to get a payback from India by overwhelming the game.

Coming towards the last four matches, the Lankan side has given extraordinary execution regardless of whether their most grounded players were absent in the opposition. Dunith Wellalage was a remarkable player in the group, as the 20-year-old cricketer took an extraordinary five wickets and submitted 42 runs to his particular group to make a winning spot. Nonetheless, the Babar Azam side has likewise played immensely in the Asia Cup and is kicking the bucket to seal a triumph in the next contest.

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