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Gautam Gambhir Boosts the Refuge on Kapil Dev’s Controversial ‘Kidnapping’ Video


Gautam Gambhir has previously expressed concern for the devoted cricketer Kapil Dev. The concern of Gambhir rose when the controversial video of Dev Fastened occurred on social media after the well-being of the latter.

In the viral video, Dev was being pushed forcibly into the room by two strangers. His hands are bound by the rope, and his mouth is shut by a handkerchief. However, the viral video has raised the question in every cricketing community.

Gambhir also felt concerned and pointed out that the video was a masterpiece or genuine. He only thinks that the devoted captain should be fine. He also acted and reportedly said on social media to release the context behind this video.

Does anyone have this video clip? I just hope that it is not an actual recording, and our former country leader should be fine, the EX-Indian cricketer Gautam posted on social media.

Meanwhile, it is clear that it’s a part of promotion, as the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 is arriving within a few weeks. Also, Gautam appreciated that the 1983 World Cup winner that he is the actual King of acting. However, this message will keep in mind that the ODI World Cup is free on DisneyPlusHS.

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