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The ICC Cricket World Cup warm-up match will be played in Hyderabad against New Zealand


The ICC Cricket World Cup warm-up matches for 2023 are starting on September 29. In the first three matches, Bangladesh will face off against Sri Lanka, and the next competition will be between South Africa and Afghanistan. However, the excitement rises for the Pakistan vs. New Zealand match, which will be happening in Hyderabad on the same day.

The Board of Control of India [BCCI] issued a statement on Monday that the game overlaps with the local jubilees and secured agencies are unsure about the preparation. The press has also decided to refund the amount of the ticket to the appropriate user due to the cancellation.

According to the suggestion of local agencies, the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 match that is scheduled between Pakistan and New Zealand on September 29 is going to be held behind closed doors. Meanwhile, the fans who purchased a ticket for the warm-up game will get a refund after cancelling the ticket, as quoted by BCCI in a press conference.

The visa clearance procedure is less than 48 hours before Pakistan is expected to reach India on September 27. They will play their original game onwards on September 29 against New Zealand.

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