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Big wickets, as Babar Azam was caught out after hitting 50 in the World Cup against India


India vs. Pakistan World Cup live score updates 2023: Babar Azam and Mohammed Rizwan have surpassed the team scores to 157 on three down within 31.1 over in the ODI World Cup. However, after hitting a half-century, Babar Azam was caught out of the tournament.

Mohammed Siraj, after taking the wicket of the Pakistan team’s captain, was targeting the other player to count big wickets. Kuldeep Yadav’s exceptional bowling knocked Shaud Shakeel out of the competition earlier. Rizwan is still on the field and has yet to hit a half-century. At present, Pakistan’s score is 166 on 5 out of 33 overs.

Pakistan is again in the red zone, as the bowlers of India have no control over their game. Such a player as Kuldeep, who has taken two wickets by his aggressive bowling with 31 runs and 8 overs only, Basically, India is having a hard fight against Pakistan, like always. And at the end of the competition, it will get proof.

The latest cricket update for the India vs. Pakistan match here is that another fall of the wicket was found as Mohammed Rizwan was thrown out of the competition by Jasprit Bumrah. However, he was just one run away from a half-century in the 50-over competition. Also, Bumrah took the wicket of Shadab Khan and the Pakistan scores are around 171 on 7 off Wickets in 35.4 overs.

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