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Cricket has been formally approved for inclusion in the Los Angeles Olympics by the International Olympic Committee.


The International Olympic Committee [IOC] officially announced the inclusion of cricket in the upcoming 2028 Los Angeles Olympics on October 14, 2023. This is a very historical moment for cricket, as it is the first time that the sport has become part of the Olympics since 1900.

The inclusion of cricket in the Olympics is a major achievement for the sport. And it is a great thing for the future of cricket, as it’s one of the most addictive sports for fans worldwide. It will also provide a platform that will represent the best cricketers in the world to their respective national teams and that will compete against each other at the highest level of the tournament.

The IOC’s choice to add cricket to the Olympics is actual evidence of the growing popularity of sports worldwide. Presently, cricket is being played in more than 100 territories around the world, and it is a famous sport in Asia and Africa.

It has not yet been decided how exactly cricket will be played at the 2028 Olympics. However, given that T20 cricket is the shortest and most popular format, it is likely that a T20 event will be contested.

Cricket’s participation in the Olympics is a significant development for the game that will undoubtedly spark a lot of interest and excitement. It’s a fantastic chance for cricket to gain international exposure and win over new followers.

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