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Rashid and Mujeeb Dedicate England’s Victory to Afghans: “Beyond 3,000 Residents Lost Their Lives”


Afghanistan astounded the world of cricket as they brought out the 2019 World Cup winner at the beginning of the CWC competition. The top-four competition is now quite open as a result of Afghanistan’s victory, with England suffering their second loss in as many tournament games. Rashid Khan and Mujeeb ur Rahman, the team’s spinners, felt that the victory was for the people back home, particularly in light of recent events, even if the outcome will have a significant impact on how Afghanistan is perceived during the remainder of the tournament.

It’s a major victory for us. While this kind of winning approach helps us to believe that we can become the biggest disaster for others and have the ability to win against anyone in the ongoing Cricket World Cup 2023, says Rashid Khan over the match completed to the newsreader.

Cricket is one of the best reasons to bring happiness to Afghanistan’s residents. Winning a competition against England is the biggest achievement for our nation. Recently, we dealt with the earthquake. And around 3000+ people died, and many homes were destroyed. Therefore, this win can bring happiness to their faces. Hopefully, we can do something big in the ongoing ODI World Cup, as quoted by Rashid.

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