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You will be unable to execute if you are burdened by expectations, says Jasprit Bumrah.


Jasprit Bumrah is one of the most devoted fast bowlers in the world of cricket. His ability to swing the ball both ways was excellent. However, Bumrah has also been criticised for his erratic performances. He has often been unable to perform when his expectations have been high.

In a recent interview, Bumrah spoke about the importance of being free from the baggage of expectations. He said, “If you have the baggage of expectations, you won’t be able to perform well enough to hit the best results. You need to be free from it and must acquire it to play your natural game.”

Bumrah’s comments are very insightful. When we have huge expectations of ourselves, it can put a lot of pressure on us, which can make it more difficult to perform at our best.

When we are free from the baggage of expectations, we are able to relax and enjoy the game without any stress or fear of losing it. We are also able to focus on our own performance and try our best. This is the best way to achieve our goals and reach our full potential, says Bumrah on Indian television.

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