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Shahid Afridi, a former Pakistan cricketer, said that his sister is no longer alive


The ex-Pakistan cricketer, Shahid Afridi, announced in a recent press release that his sister is no more. However, he admitted that her death was a big blow to his family, and unfortunately, he still misses her beloved sister.

Afridi is known for his flamboyant batting spark and aggressive speedster bowling and has always been a personal member of his family. However, he said a few words for his sister to pray for her life.

“My sister was a wonderful person,” Afridi said in the interview. “She was always there for me, no matter what. She was my biggest supporter and my best friend. I can’t believe she’s gone.”

“It was a very difficult time for my family,” Afridi said. “We were all devastated by her death. But we’re trying to be strong for each other and to support each other through this difficult time.” Afridi’s sister’s death is a disaster, but his decision to speak out about it is a courageous one.

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