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Cricket World Cup 2023: Virat Kohli to ball against Bangladesh; Hardik Pandya passes on the field because of injury


Hardik Pandya left the contribution early the October 19, 2023, World Cup match between Bangladesh and India due to physical circumstances. He was hurt while getting hurt during the twelfth of Bangladesh’s innings. When he fell while transferring the ball, it seemed like he hurt. Following being removed from the field for curative consideration, he stayed away forever.

It is as yet unclear how much harm Pandya sustained. His misfortune is abolishing in light of the fact that he remains feasible of India’s most significant player. He is a bowler, hitter, and defender. He is a talented contestant all around. He likewise works really hard handling and is often utilized as a wicketkeeper.

Pandya was absent; accordingly, Virat Kohli bowled two overs. He has bowled previously, despite the fact that he doesn’t bowl often. He is a nice medium pacer, yet he may be viable in the centre-overs.

Pandya must have the option to speedily get back to the Indian crew on the off chance that the wounds were for the most part straightforward. Yet, his removal from the opposition would be a colossal disaster for India’s possibilities of winning the World Cup.

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