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Ben Stokes, being open about his hip injury and possible World Cup comeback against South Africa, states, “I thought I was done.”


Ben Stokes’s statement, “I thought I was done,” effectively conveys the seriousness of his hip injury and the lack of clarity surrounding his recovery. Five days before the 2023 ODI World Cup got underway, he got hurt in the gym, and at first, it was thought he might not make it through the whole competition.

Stokes, though, has recovered remarkably, and on October 22, when England plays South Africa, he is expected to rejoin the team. Given that Stokes is one of England’s most vital players, this is a major win for the team. He is an outstanding all-around player with great batting, bowling, and fielding skills.

Stokes’s recovery is also evidence of his own tenacity and fortitude. After putting in a great deal of work during his recuperation, he is now fully recovered. It is obvious that he is excited to return to the field and lead England to their second World Cup victory in three years.

The brittle nature of an elite athlete’s career is another point made by Stokes’s quotation. They could be performing at their highest level for one minute and then be out for the count due to a major injury. Stokes’s tale, however, demonstrates that, with perseverance and hard work, even the worst wounds may be healed.

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