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Mumbai specialists will receive Hardik Pandya’s scan report for the 2023 ODI World Cup


A specialist in Mumbai has received Hardik Pandya’s scan report from the October 19 ODI World Cup 2023 match against Bangladesh for additional evaluation.

In the ninth over of the contest, Pandya was bowling when he injured his ankle, forcing him to get off the field for scans. He did not participate in the remainder of the game, and on October 22, he was ruled out of India’s next encounter with New Zealand.

The Mumbai expert has been contacted by the BCCI medical staff to inquire about the extent of Pandya’s injuries and the anticipated period for recuperation.

Official information about Pandya’s injury is still lacking, but it is believed to be minor. Before deciding whether to keep Pandya in the World Cup for the remainder of it, the BCCI is eager to consult the expert in Mumbai a second time.

India’s next game is scheduled for October 25 against England. Given that Pandya is a vital all-round player for the club, his absence from that game would be devastating.

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